ContextExplorer for MindManager and Word

I found this via Rob Bushway's blog this morning. ContextExplorer is a utility that extracts keywords and key related phrases from Word documents. The company is currently developing an extension to this capability that would be able to generate a mind map to display the results. Very compelling - this would be a terrific assistance in many of the writing projects I work on.

ContextExplorer for Word (currently available with a very generous 90-day evaluation and sold for a very reasonable $29.95) allows me to "feed" it reference material I've collected for a writing assignment. It extracts the most essential points by looking for keywords and associated phrases and presents the results in a very nicely designed explorer that allows me to parse the content in a unique and powerful way. What the MindManager integration will do, based on what I've read about their prototyping efforts to date, is take those results and generate a structured mind map that would allow me to manipulate the results using all of MindManager's capabilities.

I'll be following the development of this tool very closely and have already suggested to Model Technologies, the developer of ContextExplorer, how important pen and digital ink integration will be for Tablet PC users.

NOTE: This post updated with the correct name of the product: ContextExplorer - the eror was mine. The developer also points out in the comments that the application can extract keywords and concepts from PDF files, web pages, and other documents and offers multilingual support. Thank for the corrections.

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