Ink Gestures for Word now in public beta

Loren Heiny has been hard at work on Ink Gestures for some time now. James and I have talked about it in passing on our podcast and I've been trying out an early beta release for the past couple of weeks. Loren has now gotten the add-in stable enough to feel comfortable making a beta available to the public.

The short description: Ink Gestures provides access to over twenty common editing operations using simple gestures. For example - let's say you want to underline a word. Draw a line under the word. It's that simple.

The shorter description: If you spend any significant amount of time editing, you want this.

Ink Gestures has increased my "Tablet Time" significantly. I've remarked on any number of occasions that I continue to favor the convertible form factor for Tablet PCs because of the amount of writing and editing I do every day. In the short time I've had to experiment with Ink Gestures, I've found that I can now spend a much greater amount of time in slate mode using the pen than has ever been possible before. I'll be posting more about Ink Gestures in the coming weeks and James and I will try to get Loren away from his Tablet PC long enough to visit with us on an upcoming installment of OnTheRun with Tablet PCs.



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