How would you use a portable scanner with your Tablet PC?

That's the question Rob Bushway posed to his readers the other day in a new contest he's running. The prize? Why a portable scanner - namely the DocuPen RC800 pictured here. It's a sweet little device that provides the ability to quickly capture pages of content that can be imported onto the Tablet PC for review, annotation, and reference. When OneNote 2007 is released, the built-in OCR will even recognize the scanned text and make it searchable.

Rob set a minimum of 50 entries and he's already exceeded that mark. I agree with his assessment that there are some fantastic applications being suggested by the entrants - maybe one of them will give you a new idea about how to get more out of your Tablet PC. The contest is open through February 3rd so it's not too late for you to toss your idea into the pool for consideration.

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